LODGER, THE (1944) BluRay
LODGER, THE (1944) BluRay
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Few film directors have mastered the art of suspense, thrills and intriguing plot twists the way that John Brahm did. Many consider his 1944 remake of the Alfred Hitchcock silent film about Jack the Ripper to be far superior to the original!

After a mysterious young man named Slade (Laird Cregar) rents a London flat, a murder spree begins nearby and the landlady suspects her new lodger to be Jack the Ripper. Kitty (Merle Oberon), a talented singer ignores warnings about the crimes from her new love interest, Inspector John Warwick (George Sanders) who's assigned to the case - or the man who may have committed them and soon she becomes Slade's object of obsession in this pulse-pounder that packs an unsettling punch.

Featuring stunning cinematography by the great Lucien Ballard and great supporting performances by Sara Allgood and Sir Cedric Hardwick.

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