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*new restorations from archival 35mm!* -- the comedy shorts CIRCUS CLOWNS (1922) and MILES OF SMILES (1923) come to DVD for the first time ever, in new digital restorations of 35mm prints from the Library of Congress and the Museum of Modern Art. These two Century Comedies were made when Baby Peggy was 3-4 years old and at the peak of her stardom. Featured also on the disc is THE FAMILY SECRET (1924), the 3rd feature-length film to star "Baby Peggy" Montgomery, and is one of her best pictures. Baby Peggy plays the young daughter of a woman whose father had opposed her marriage to a man because of his social standing. Like Shirley Temple would do in pictures a decade later, Peggy eventually warms the heart of her curmudgeonly grandfather and unites the whole family. Baby Peggy had already starred in more than 40 comedy shorts by the time she made this movie, having entered movies in 1921 at age 2½. The edition of THE FAMILY SECRET on this DVD is a new 35mm restoration by the Library of Congress, with a new theatre organ score by Ben Model. Bonus features are Baby Peggy newsreel excerpts. Enjoy these rare gems, and fall in love with Baby Peggy's charm and winning smile just as movie audiences did in the 1920s! -- DVD contents: The Family Secret (60 mins), Circus Clowns (16 mins), Miles of Smiles (18 mins), newsreels (4 mins).

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