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Screwball comedy queen Carole Lombard stars in this romantic-comedy crime caper about a gold digger with grit determined to make the path to matrimony as crooked as possible. Showgirl Mary has her sights set on big-lug mob boss “Shoots” Magiz (Nat Pendleton) and prods him into popping the question. With best gal pal Mirabelle in tow, Mary sets out for a picture-book country wedding to Shoots, joined by his minions Dingle (Sam Hardy) and Mickey the Greek (Leo Carrillo). A wedding-day massacre courtesy of rival racketeers is avoided, thanks to the quick work of Shoot’s bodyguard, “Office Boy” (Chester Morris). Back in the big city, Mary secures both prenup and nuptials from Shoots, and sets out on a high-flying honeymoon, her financial future seemingly secure. Mary’s “for better” soon turns to “for worse,” and she finds herself on the hook for Shoots’ debts. Good thing there are more mobsters to marry…even if “Office Boy” doesn’t approve.

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