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From Dead Ends to the East Side and finally landing in Louie’s Sweet Shop in the heart of the Bowery (3rd and Canal, natch!), there was no stopping these Boys! When understudy Leo Gorcey joined the ensemble of teen thespians on stage for the Broadway hit “Dead End”, Hollywood soon followed with William Wyler taking the troupe in toto for 1937’s film version. Personifying the grit and heart of the kid gangs sprouting up in city slums, these little wise guys quickly stole the nation’s heart. Ably anchored by the central pair of Huntz Hall and Leo Gorcey, the kids moved from “preachment” and crime pictures to straight up comedy as The Bowery Boys - and the rest is history as the boys capered through scores of pictures for over two decades!

Includes the following 12 movies on four DVDs:

  • Live Wires (1946)
  • In Fast Company (1946)
  • Bowery Bombshell (1946)
  • News Hounds (1947)
  • Fighting Fools (1949)
  • Hold That Baby! (1949)
  • Master Minds (1949)
  • Blonde Dynamite (1950)
  • Lucky Losers (1950)
  • Blues Busters (1950)
  • Crazy Over Horses (1951)
  • No Holds Barred (1952)
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