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Oscar®-winner* Loretta Young and the charming Frank Albertson (The Hucksters) make a great team in this delightful romantic comedy. When jazz singer John Saunders (Albertson) gets a gig in Paris, his lonely wife Claire (Young) decides to get a job. Pretending to be single, she lands a position as a stenographer at an advertising agency and quickly advances up the corporate ladder, in part because of her boss, Ralph Clayton (Ricardo Cortez), who soon starts making some advances of his own. When John unexpectedly returns, practically penniless, Claire becomes upset...but no more upset than John is when she proceeds with her plan to attend a company party...that same night! At the party, she discreetly lands John a job with one of the company’s clients, but when Ralph drives her home and steals a kiss, John suspects that all their big business has only been funny business. Full of swinging 1930s pop music and featuring Joan Blondell (Footlight Parade) in a small but hilarious role, Big Business Girl is a lively, silly and very funny film.

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