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Starring Roscoe Karns and Edgar Kennedy. A rascal turns his little niece into a skating star, but spends more money than she makes. Cute little Irene Dare was only 7 years old when she made a few skating movies that pretty much came and went without much notice. Shirley Temple was still a popular box office attraction, and combining the skating talents of her 20th Century Fox contract player Sonja Henie, RKO created their own version. Several years later, Republic would try and make a star out of skater Vera Hruba (Ralston), and while she didn't make much of an impression during her brief film career, little Miss Dare came off much better than the Czech Ms. Hruba who had very little personality on screen. Irene Dare doubles in that department, and that makes these films acceptable programmers that rarely seen today are still a few notches above the Republic skating films Hruba attempted to become a star in.


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