CALIFORNIA IN '49 (1924)
CALIFORNIA IN '49  (1924)
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This is the movie version of the "lost" 1924 cliffhanger serial, "Days of '49." This is all that is known to exist of the lost serial. In the 1840s, serial queen Neva Gerber (as Sierra Sutter) is "a girl of the primitive wilderness"; conveniently, her father owns a large chunk of pre-state California. But, daddy Charles Brinley (as John Sutter) falls under the spell of vamping Ruth Royce (as Arabella Ryan). And, Ms. Royce is in league with wicked Wilbur McGaugh (as Marsdon); together, they want to usurp California territory, and create an Evil Empire of the West. Gerber is in love with romantic adventurer Edmund Cobb (as Cal Coleman); together, they make California history. "This story is a bit of history of early California - a period of chivalry, intrigue and romance." Trimmed down version of the 15-chapter "Days of '49". It would seem logical that multi-part serials could be edited down to superior feature length films; but, it is almost never successful. This time, the episodic story is helped by capsulation. There are some nice shots, not limited to, but most clearly evident in, the film's finale.
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