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Tarzan spurns the love of La, Queen of Opar. When he isn't trying to keep the Bolshevik Rokoff and Clayton (pretender to the Greystoke estate) from reaching Opar, he is attacked simultaneously by two lions, dropped into a pit when a volcano splits the ground, nearly sacrificed by sun worshipers, and so on. During production: A jungle fire sequence filmed at the Great Western Studio nearly burned down the studio buildings. The entire 15 chapter serial is not known to exist. Thankfully, we have this three hour movie (on 2 DVDs) that offer 95 percent of the footage. Someone recently edited the movie into 10 chapters, claiming they offer the "lost" serial in a "restored" format, but we consider that an "alteration" and prefer to have as much footage unaltered. This is the three-hour movie and the best way to enjoy this "lost" Tarzan adventure.
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