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Starring Ralph Byrd. If you haven't seen this serial, we recommend it. One of the better serials. Blake battles the "Scorpion" over possession of a 'death ray' machine. This was the only serial produced by Victory Pictures. The story involves Sir James Blake (Herbert Rawlinson) who has retired from Scotland Yard to work on promoting world peace by making another weapon of mass destruction. He, his niece Hope Mason (Joan Barclay) and a young American, Jerry Sheehan (Ralph Byrd) have come up with a "death ray" that can destroy objects at a great distance. They plan to deliver it to the League of Nations, so a threat from any country can be counteracted, making conventional warfare obsolete. A demonstration is given, where an old battleship is destroyed at a distance of 190 miles. But munitions dealer Count Basil Segaloff (William Farrel) knows it would be bad for his business, and hires a gang led by a mystery man known as The Scorpion to steal the machine to prevent it from reaching Geneva. Blake finds the gang has made their getaway to Paris. But instead of just making another death ray machine, which wouldn't justify 15 chapters, Blake gets help from Chief Inspector Henderson of Scotland Yard (Sam Flint) and they all go off to Paris on the trail of The Scorpion and Count Basil; the chasing continues until finally the gang is rounded up, and the identity of The Scorpion is revealed. 15 chapters.
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