CISCO KID: The Complete TV Series (Volume One)
CISCO KID: The Complete TV Series  (Volume One)
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The complete series of this kiddie Western starring Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carillo. All 157 half-hour episodes contained in this three-volume box set. This box set contains the following episodes in this eleven disc set: Rodeo, Marriage by Mail, The Iron Mask, Double Deal, The Steel Plow, Vigilante Story, Hidden Valley, Carrier Pigeon, Hypnotist Murder, Romany Caravan, Robber Crow, Sleeping Gas, The Ventriloquist, Six-Gun for No Pain, Gold Strike, The Lowest Bidder, Mining Madness, Pot of Gold, Caution of Curley Thompson, Three Suspects, Pancho's Niece, Extradition Papers, New Evidence, Doorway to Nowhere, Cisco and the Giant, Pancho Hostage, Phoney Sheriff, Uncle Disinherits Niece, Performance Bond, Water Rights, Dog Story, The Old Bum, Newspaper Crusaders, Counterfeit Money, Boomerang, Mr. X, The Epidemic, Man with a Reputation, The Joker, Strangers, Young Blood, School Marm, Quick on the Trigger, Wilbur Peacock, Witness, A Quiet Sunday Morning, The Two-Wheeler, Vendetta, Montezuma's Treasure, Quicksilver Murder, Spanish Dagger, Buried Treasure, Ghost Town Story, Jewelry Holdup, and Quarter Horse.

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