ADAM-12 (Season Two)
ADAM-12 (Season Two)
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A spin-off of the popular NBC-TV series Dragnet that was created and produced by that series Jack Webb, Adam-12 chronicled in striking
detail and accuracy events from real LAPD cases. The show presented actual department-issue badges, vehicles and Los Angeles patrol stations, and its compelling realism gave the program a seven-season run on NBC from 1968 1975. Patrol the streets of Los Angeles circa 1969 with Officers Malloy (Martin Milner) and Reed (Kent McCord) in Season 2 of the memorable police drama Adam-12.

Bonus Features:

* Commentaries by the members of the LAPD

* Photo History Of The LAPD

* Ride Along Fact Track

* Tour Of Reed & Malloy s Training Center

* Includes instructions on how to receive a free One Adam-12, One Adam-12 ringtone.

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