BEANY AND CECIL (Special Edition)
BEANY AND CECIL (Special Edition)
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At last, a fitting tribute to one of the great cartoon teams: Beany, (the precocious boy wearing a propeller cap) and his best pal, Cecil (the seasick sea serpent), on their 50th anniversary in show business! This special edition is also a tribute to Beany and Cecil's creator, Bob Clampett. Formerly a veteran director at the Warner Bros. cartoon studio where he was the father of Tweety Bird and one of the fathers of Bugs Bunny, Clampett set off on his own in the late 1940s with the dream to create what he called "dimensional animation." The result was "Time for Beany." The wild success of the show spawned several other shows, including one about a superhero horse, "Thunderbolt the Wondercolt," and the first puppet variety show, "Willy the Wolf." Bob Clampett's "Beany and Cecil: The Special Edition" will entertain cartoon fans of all ages from the casual viewers that want their kids to see the show they grew up with to the hardcore fans that want to revel in the pop culture of their generation. Jam packed full of over three plus hours of entertainment, including over a dozen of the original "Beany and Cecil" cartoons, plus some of the earliest episodes from "Time for Beany" which have not been seen since their original airing over fifty years ago. New transfers have been made from the original 35mm camera negatives.

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