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"Fighting for law and order, Captain Video operates from a mountain retreat, with secret agents at all points of the globe! Possessing scientific secrets and secret weapons, Captain Video asks no quarter, and gives none to the forces of evil." Shortly after its debut, Captain Video was rated behind only Howdy Doody among daily programs, consistently besting better-known shows such as Kukla Fran and Ollie. The program had a low budget - $25.00 per episode so the control knobs were painted on the walls and stock footage from westerns (yes, westerns!) was featured to fill in a few minutes of each episode. Broadcast "live" on sound stages, these television episodes are extremely difficult to find and features four classic episodes starring Richard Coogan and Al Hodge! (These are original 16mm Kodak kinescope print transfers and unlike another DVD release of the same four episodes available elsewhere, ours does not not contain a company logo superimposed on the screen.)
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