THE ROUGH RIDERS: Complete Westerns
THE ROUGH RIDERS: Complete Westerns
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Buck Jones and Tim McCoy had been among the 'top guns' of Hollywood sagebrush stars in both silent and sound features. But the careers of both men had waned due to their age and the influx of singing cowboys.  Scott R. Dunlap, the production boss at Monogram Pictures, was a close personal and business friend of Jones and knew that Buck's career could be boosted if given the right screen property. In 1941, the deal was struck for a new western trio series called the Rough Riders, starring Charles 'Buck' Jones, Tim McCoy and Raymond Hatton.  Interestingly, all three performers were fifty years of age or older when the series began. They starred in a series of nine cowboy Westerns with Buck Jones as Marshal Buck Roberts, Tim McCoy as Marshal Tim McCall and Raymond Hatton as Marshal Sandy Hopkins. This three-disc set includes the following movies: ARIZONA BOUND (1941), GUNMAN FROM BODIE (1941), FORBIDDEN TRAILS (1941), BELOW THE BORDER (1942), GHOST TOWN LAW (1942), RIDERS OF THE WEST (1942), DOWN  TEXAS WAY (1942), RIDERS OF THE WEST (1942) and WEST OF THE LAW (1942). This is a three-disc set.  

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