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If you thought you had every cowboy western ever made on DVD, they are always the up skewer ones that keep popping up. This one stars Andy Clyde and Russell Wade. The first 16mm film shot professionally and shot in 8 days for $30,000. Keeping in mind that motion pictures were filmed on 35mm, you can imagine why this movie never made it to major movie theaters. Instead, it was released on the 16mm school and institutional market for children to watch and would later be picked up and released in 1948 by Astor for theatrical 35mm showings. The citizens of Rockford upset over a series of murders and robberies, turned to The Sundowners, three cowboys to ride into Rockford and innocently take jobs with Tug Wilson and his stuff crew of line riders, who aren't cahoots with the criminal and a big land swindle's game.

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