3:10 TO YUMA (1957) DVD
3:10 TO YUMA (1957) DVD
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Delmer Daves directs this 1957 Western starring Van Heflin and Glenn Ford. Hard-up rancher Dan Evans (Heflin) is holding ruthless outlaw Ben Wade (Ford) at gunpoint waiting for a train to Yuma where the authorities have put up a $200 reward. However, Wade offers him $10,000 to set him free; the bounty will ease his financial difficulties, but Wade's offer will set him up for life. Thus begins a cat-and-mouse wait for the 3:10 train with Evans' wife pleading for him to take the money and save himself and Wade's gang attempting to free him.


In this beautifully shot and acted, psychologically complex western, VAN HEFLIN (Shane) is a mild-mannered cattle rancher who takes on the task of shepherding a captured outlaw, played with cucumber-cool charisma by GLENN FORD (The Big Heat), to the train that will take him to prison. This apparently simple plan turns into a nerve-racking cat-and-mouse game that will test each man's particular brand of honour. Based on a story by ELMORE LEONARD (Get Shorty), 3:10 to Yuma is a thrilling, humane action movie, directed by the supremely talented studio filmmaker DELMER DAVES (Jubal) with intense feeling and precision.

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