THE RANGE BUSTERS (Complete Series)
THE RANGE BUSTERS (Complete Series)
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With the success of Republic's Three Mesquiteers, Monogram Studios formed their own heroic trio of cowboys known as The Range Busters. With a lower budget, a ventriloquist dummy and a brief venture against enemies during World War II, this series of cowboy westerns spanned a total of 24 movies. This ten-disc box set contains the complete series. THE RANGE BUSTERS (1940), TRAILING DOUBLE TROUBLE (1940), WEST OF PINTO BASIN (1940), THE TRAIL OF THE SILVER SPURS (1941), THE KID'S LAST RIDE (1941), TUMBLEDOWN RANCH IN ARIZONA (1941), WRANGLERS ROOST (1941), FUGITIVE VALLEY (1941), SADDLE MOUNTAIN ROUNDUP (1941), TONTO BASIN OUTLAWS (1941), UNDERGROUND RUSTLERS (1941), THUNDER RIVER FEUD (1942), ROCK RIVER RENEGADES (1942), BOOT HILL BANDITS (1942), TEXAS TROUBLE SHOOTERS (1942), ARIZONA STAGECOACH (1942), TEXAS TO BATAAN (1942), TRAIL RIDERS (1942), TWO FISTED JUSTICE (1943) , HAUNTED RANCH (1943), THE LAND OF HUNTED MEN (1943), COWBOY COMMANDOS (1943), BLACK MARKET RUSTLERS (1943) and BULLETS AND SADDLES (1943).
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