HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL (Season Six) Volume 1
HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL (Season Six) Volume 1
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He's the man in black, six-gun on his hip, willing to face any kind of trouble...for a price. Saddle up for Have Gun Will Travel Season. Paladin (Richard Boone), knows countless languages, is a master of the fighting arts, and one of the fastest guns in the West. He appreciates fine food, beautiful women, and the refined lifestyle of San Francisco's Carlton Hotel. But, at a moment's notice, this legendary gunslinger will hit the trail, daring to do what few men would...or could. From the sun-baked corners of the desolate desert to the hardscrabble homesteads of desperate squatters, Paladin always gets the job done. This is the first half of the final season.

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