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Stars Judy Canova and Don "Red" Barry. Walter Martin and Eddie Taylor are a couple of theatrical agents, and they receive a visit from Andrew "Cactus" Clayton, who is looking for Effie Canova, who grub-staked him years ago. He longs to share his wealth with her and offers Martin and Taylor a thousand dollars if they'll find her. They learn that Effie is dead, but her daughter is in an orphanage. Unable to finance the trip, they make a deal with "Spider" Mike Lawrence, getting $200 from him to, supposedly, bet on a horse. At the orphanage, they find that Effie's daughter, Judy Canova is far too old to adopt, so they sign her to a contract and promise her a theatrical career. But before that can set out for Nugget City to collect from "Cactus", Mike and his henchman, Louie, catch up with them. It seems that the horse they didn't bet on won paying gigantic odds. So, all four men go to Nugget City with Judy...
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