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Tom Mix starred in a series of cowboy Westerns during the early thirties and this eight disc box set includes the following: In MY PAL, THE KING (1932), the king of a European country, who is a child, meets the cowboy star of a traveling circus. The child is played by Mickey Rooney! In THE TEXAS BAD MAN (1932), the Rangers have planted wanted posters of their man Tom Logan around hoping he can join the outlaw gang they are after. Robbing the stage ahead of the gang gets him in and he learns Keefe is the boss. When it's time for the big bank robbery Keefe puts Tom in charge but secretly tells a henchman to kill him during the holdup. In THE RUSTLER'S ROUNDUP (1932), Winters is after the Brand ranch and his man Brett who is foreman there is rustling the Brand stock. But Tom is on to their game and breaks up their attempt to buy the ranch. When they plan to rustle their horses, Tom must not only rescue Danny Brand who is their prisoner but stop the rustlers. In HIDDEN GOLD (1932), Griffen and his two men have been caught after robbing a bank but the money has not been recovered. So the Chief sends his friend Tom to prison to become their friend and hopes he can learn where the loot is hidden. In THE FOURTH HORSEMAN (1932), upon learning that Molly O'Rourke owns the entire town of Stillwell but the back taxes have not been paid, Ben Jones takes over. When Molly arrives and learns of the tax situation, Tom rides off to pay them. But Jones is on to Tom and sends his entire gang after him. In DESTRY RIDES AGAIN (1932), Brant frames Destry and has men testify against him. Found guilty he vows to return. Back from prison he goes after the man that framed him. When the Sheriff is shot before he can talk, Destry chases down the killer and learning Brant is the man, heads out to get him. In FLAMING GUNS (1932), a ranch manager falls in love with a banker's daughter. After he and the girl's parents have a quarrel, he and the girl flee across the border into Mexico. In TERROR TRAIL (1933), a gang of horse thieves are able to operate because the crooked local sheriff is in cahoots with them. When Tom Mix's beloved horse Tony Jr. is stolen, he steps in to break up the gang.
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