CLUTCH CARGO : The Complete TV Series
CLUTCH CARGO : The Complete TV Series
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The basic plot of each episode centers on the title character, along with a boy Spinner and the dachshund Paddlefoot, seeking adventure in all parts of the globe (and occasionally even outer space). Often there is an obvious villain or two pitted against this trio. At the same time, a good-guy is always being helped by Clutch and his pals. Stereotypes abound and many of these are politically incorrect by today's sensibilities. For example, at points throughout the episodes we see a villainous pilot with thick German accent, evil oil merchants with Middle Eastern accents, a Scotsman with the reddest of noses, a scheming vixen scientist with a Russian accent, native Americans who constantly say "How", absent-minded professors, and on and on. Despite these aspects of the cartoon (which, very understandably, will offend some folks), Clutch Cargo, viewed by a generation of kids who are now all middle-aged adults, is a part of American history and therefore deserves the presentation it has been given in this superb 10 DVD box set. Forget those one, two and three-disc sets with a collection of cartoons known as volume one, volume two, etc. This 10-disc box set contains every cartoon ever made, all 260 animated features with bonus extras and digitally remastered from the original negatives.
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