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Trailer for Max Fleischer’s “Gulliver’s Travels”, his first feature animation film, great motion!!
Bosco in “Congo Jazz” (1930) – for 6:15, with freaky voodoo music. Freaky weird lion and mouse chase scenes, baby monkey play, mama monkey, genius animal dancing goofiness. Oddball shlongs going on – a loony toon!

Krazy Kat in “Bars and Stripes” (1931) – for 6:25. Krazy Kat kombats krazed musical instruments! Violins, saxophones, tubas, everything! All dramatic music all the time, and everything’s anthropomorphic.

Farmer Al Falfa in “Noah’s Outing” (1933) – for 5:42. Musical number, farmer with Krazy Kat, Ignatz the mouse, and millions of barnyard animals boogying and playing tunes, repeats, riotous chorus lines. But good times are over here comes the rain, the drunken duck attackers. Total insanity!! Utter anthropomorphic looniness, the ducks of the deluge hatch, bringing out more beasts, but at least the giraffe is a friend. Spooky skeletal horse charge into lightning, and on it goes. With repeats!! At least they saved the schnauzers, and the monkey family!! The tortoise is having a hard time, he takes off his shell, sheds eight layers, and then makes it!! Only one giraffe on the ark!

Mickey Mouse in “The Mad Doctor” (1933) – for 6:40. During a dark storm, Dr XXX tries to steal Pluto! Nutty dungeon adventure to rescue Pluto, skeleton spider, all sorts of skeleton dances, unending madness! Oh… but it was all a dream!!

“Jack Frost” (1934) – for 8:30. Beautiful colour animation, anthropomorphoronic forest stuff! Little bear goes out into the winter world to see what’s going on, not heeding the frost warnings. Oops! Jack paints pumpkins, how hnnice! Nutty autumn activity, including with a scat-singing scarecrow, accompanied by a singing forest!

Oswald Rabbit in “The Beachcombers” (1936) – for 8:17. Nutty beachside story, ducklings try to steal from Oswald’s lunchbox, with doggy guarding! Nutty goings-ons. Black and white. The Nazi octopus attacks the kids, Oswald to the rescue! Underwater dog and octopus battle!!

Porky Pig in “Porky’s Railroad” (1937) – for 7:11. Porky’s lloo-ookki-inngg a bit chubbier here. Great train animation. Super stuttering. “It’s cows like that that give cows a bad name. I bet she doesn’t give sweet milk, a sour puss like that!” “I’ll show you, you four-legged piece of hamburger!” Competitor threats!

Oswald Rabbit in “In Wonderland” (1931) – for 6:50. Singing and sadistic button sewing. Mickey Mouse with longer ears and a shirt. Freaky farm life, saving the mortgage. Freaky witches forest, hallucinogenic cow orchestras. To tell the Jack and the Beanstalk story. The saxophone even plays the flute. It’s a crazy war!!

Foxy in “Lady, Play Your Mandolin” (1931) – for 7:15. Pub-serving nuttiness, songs, bawdiness, music… Wow!! Wacky beer drinking even!! Foxy is like Mickey Mouse, but with pointy ears. “I’m a sinner too!” Mamie reference. Nutty drunkenness when a white horse enters and drinks tequila worm and begins hallucinating!!

Tom and Jerry in “In The Bag” (1932) – for 7:10. Awesome plane nuttiness! Country stuff, no dialogue, general nuttiness. Partying and carrying on, messing around with gangsters, playing music. Gangsters robbing! These guys look like Mickey Mouse and Goofy!

Betty Boop in “Is My Palm Red? (1933) – for 6:40. Lots of “poo poo be doop.” Walks through Betty Boop-shaped door. Gets the flashlight skirt detector from a sheikh during a harem interview, a fortune teller looks back to her childhood years and her naked bathing! “The naked truth of your baby days.” Lots of dialogue here. Lots of gratuitous semi-nudity as well, as Betty Boop deals with local animals and spirits! That’s okay, though, Bosco to the rescue!

Flip The Frog in “Funny Face” (1933) – for 8:00. Flip’s Betty Boop-like girlfriend bounces him for a lookalike, he goes for cosmetic surgery to become more handsome, but then she’s raped by a ruffian!! Total nuttiness!!

The Little King in “Jolly Good Felon” (1934) – for 8:30. Goofy king goofing around, puts fish into bird cage. Nutso castle. King loses his ride, can’t get a new one. No dialogue. Convict plays tic tac toe with himself, loses, cries! Inmate knitting! Visit to prison, nutty! People are shot but don’t die! Bombs, total war after prison riot with king in penn! King rounded up at end!!!

“Merry Kittens (1935) – for 6:40. Kittens sleeping, doggy guarding them, also sleeping… ultra anthropomorphism!! Singing color kittens!!! Cats can talk, but doggy can’t!

“To Spring” (1936) – for 9:12. In colour!! Old winter gremlins awake in caves… crunching stalactites, why? Miners going nuts! Blasting back cloudy spirit of winter, digging in the mines, running around, swept away in rainbow rivers, overall nuttiness, in full colour, heart arteries going on, flowers swaying!! Somewhat Miyazaki Hayao-esque at the end, when spring recovers in nature, lots of sakura too!!

Popeye in ”The Paneless Window Washer” (1937) – for 6:0. Nutty building shenanigans with BLuto and Olive Oyl!!

As bonus features, there are 19 images of “Animation art” (sketches), 13 “Original Movie Posters” (including Mickey Mouse, Loonie Toons, and others), 18 “Home Movie Boxes” of 8mm and 16 mm home movie and rental films, and 13“Home Movie/TV Title Cards”.


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