ATOM ANT: Complete Cartoons
ATOM ANT: Complete Cartoons
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Hanna-Barbera, the masters of fun and funny animal cartoons, hopped on board the super-hero bandwagon and presented a pint-sized powerhouse who soon took the world by storm – Atom Ant! Operating out of his private anthill, the formidable Formicidae picks up distress calls via his built-in antennae and heads out to battle a fearsomely delightful array of dastards the likes of Bug Fat Dynamo, Crankenshaft, M.D. (M.D. stands for Mad Doctor) and his arch-nemesis and opposite number, Ferocious Flea. Sharing screen time with our hero are Precious Pupp, a rascal of a mutt who hides his antics from the kindly Granny Sweets and the Hillbilly Bears, the most ridiculous bears to ever come from the Blue Ridge Mountains. Newly remastered, the 3-Disc, 26-Episode collection serves up an atomic cocktail of comedy and adventure – and, as an added bonus, the first episode is presented with its original, vintage bumpers!

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