CENTURIONS, THE: Complete Series (Volume One)
CENTURIONS, THE: Complete Series (Volume One)
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As cyborg terrorist Doc Terror and his machine minion Hacker continue with their malevolent machinations, Max Ray, Jake Rockwell and Ace McCloud, Centurions, remain at the ready. Masters of land, sea and air, the trio uses the fantastic abilities granted to them by their exo-frame battlesuits – Power Xtreme! – to become more than man and more than machine. With the brilliant Crystal Kane directing operations from aboard their orbiting satellite station, Skyvault, Ace, Jake and Max teleport across time and space, challenging Doc Terror and confronting the unknown. And some very special scribes are on hand to help pen the Centurions stupendous, superheroic adventures, including Gerry Conway (Firestorm), Michael Reaves (Batman: Mask of the Phantasm), Marc Scott Zicree (Sliders) and Larry DiTillio (Babylon 5).

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