ADVENTURES OF AQUAMAN, THE (1967 to 1970 cartoons)
ADVENTURES OF AQUAMAN, THE (1967 to 1970 cartoons)
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When fiendish foes and marine menaces threaten the peaceful undersea world of the lost city of Atlantis, Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas, dives to the rescue! Aided by teen hero Aqulad and their aquatic friends Tusky the walrus and sea horses Storm and Imp, these brave water warriors battle astonishing creatures like Volcanic Monster, Ice Dragon and Devil Fish. Using his superior strength, cunning wit and telepathic communication abilities, Aquaman faces evil villains like Black Manta and Vassa, Queen of the Mermen to fight for justice on the ocean floor.

Plunge into this collection of all 36 action –packed cartoons from the fantastic TV series in original airdate order.

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