SHANNON: The 1961 TV Series
SHANNON: The 1961 TV Series
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George Nader stars as Joe Shannon, an insurance investigator who, each week, is assigned cases by his boss, Regis Toomey. He drives a 1961 Buick which is specially equipped with every high-tech gadget from that period. Many people remember this program as the show with the car with the gadgets. This five-disc set contains 20 classic episodes: Legacy in G, Desert Crossroads, Lady on the Rocks, Never Help a Lady, King Leal Report, Duke of the Valley, Iron Clad Alibi, Tarnished Bride, The Hyatt Feud, Delayed Delivery, Gideon Lenye, Colt Trail, The Porcelain Egg, Deadly Homecoming, Sports Car Story, End of the Line, Dolphin and the Mermaid, Saints and Sinners, Embezzler's Daughter, and Professional Widower.

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