BAT, THE (1960 TV version)
BAT, THE (1960 TV version)
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Starring Helen Hayes, Margaret Hamilton and Jason Robards. The stage play by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hogwood was adapted into three movies and this one television drama -- televised "live" on sound stages. This is the most faithful version of the play and the one least seen. Despite advance warning to the police, who seal off the area, The Bat, a master criminal, steals a necklace from the safe in the house of a rich socialite. He leaves a note saying he is going to the country to give the police a rest. Pausing only to rob a bank at Oakdale, he proceeds to terrorise the occupants of a lonely country mansion, in a mixture of thrills, chills and laughs. At the end, an actor steps forward through a proscenium arch and asks the viewers not to reveal the Bat's identity to their friends.
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