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To Catch A Spy
Director: Dick Clement
Starring: Kirk Douglas, Marlène Jobert, Trevor Howard, Tom Courtenay
When a smuggler (Douglas) of Russian manuscripts is mistaken for a spy, he finds himself entangled in international intrigue with the real agent s sexy wife (Jobert). (1 hr 34 min, Color)

The Big Trees
Director: Felix E. Feist
Starring: Kirk Douglas, Eve Miller, Alan Hale, Jr.
An ambitious lumberjack (Douglas) has a change of heart after falling for a beautiful Quaker girl (Miller), but must contend with the unscrupulous timber barons that are not so easily swayed. (1 hr 29 min, Color)

My Dear Secretary
Director: Charles Martin
Starring: Kirk Douglas, Laraine Day, Keenan Wynn

In this classic, a best-selling novelist (Douglas) with more interest in babes than books meets the ultimate blonde (Day), who disrupts his playboy ways when she becomes his personal secretary. (1 hr 34 min, B&W)

The Master Touch (Widescreen)
Director: Michele Lupo
Starring: Kirk Douglas, Giuliano Gema, Florinda Bolkan
Just released from prison, a professional thief decides to pull one last caper, which could either set him up for life or land him back behind bars! (1 hr 36 min, Color)

The Strange Love Of Martha Ivers
Director: Lewis Milestone
Starring: Kirk Douglas, Barbara Stanwyck, Lizabeth Scott
In Kirk Douglas film debut, a predatory female (Stanwyck) plots to rid herself of a meek husband (Douglas) and silence the former lover who may have witnessed something she'd rather have forgotten. (1 hr 56 min, B&W)

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