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The 1960's were a boom time for television westerns, with over 32 hours of prime time every week, on just three channels! One of the most watched and beloved of those shows was Laramie, which ran from 1959 to 1963, and is considered by many to be one of the best family westerns of all time. Now for the first time, TMG and NBC Universal bring you all 28 episodes of Laramie, Season Three in color on six DVD discs, along with an exclusive interview with Robert Fuller, who is still Jess Harper to his many fans!

Originally airing in black and white, the series centered on the story of two brothers and a drifter who run a stage-stop in the Wyoming Territory of the late 1870's. John Smith (Cimarron City) plays the older brother, Slim Sherman, and Robert Crawford Jr. (brother of The Rifleman's Johnny Crawford) plays Sherman's younger brother Andy. When Jess Harper, played by the iconic Robert Fuller (Wagon Train, Emergency!), drifts into Laramie, he joins up with the brothers in their struggle against long odds.

John Smith and Robert Fuller brought great chemistry to their roles in Laramie. Their opposing temperaments and strengths complimented each other on screen like few other duos in the western television genre. It is interesting to note that the producers originally wanted the two actors to switch roles. Robert and John dug in their heels, and the correctness of their decision is immediately apparent as you watch them interact!

After two seasons in black and white, the third and fourth seasons were filmed in color. With Hoagie Carmichael gone, and Robert Crawford's character sent off to St. Louis to school, the producers brought in Spring Byington (December Bride) as Miss Daisy Cooper, and a young Dennis Holmes (Wagon Train) as Mike Williams, whom Slim and Jess take under their wing.

A terrific cast of guest stars highlighted the show, including Denver Pyle (Siege at Jubilee), Alex Cord (The Mountain Men), Leonard Nimoy (The Runt), Harry Dean Stanton The Confederate Express), Cloris Leachman (Trial by Fire) and Jay Silverheels (The Day of the Savage) to name just a few.
Laramie has been long anticipated and sought after, and this six disc set brings you all 28 color episodes, complete and uncut. So kick off your boots and let Slim and Jess take you back to Wyoming Territory, heart of the Old West!


  • Dragon at the Door
  • Ladies Day
  • Siege at Jubilee
  • The Mountain Men
  • The Fatal Step


  • The Last Journey
  • Deadly is the Night
  • The Accusers
  • Wolf Cub
  • Handful of Fire


  • The Killer Legend
  • The Jailbreakers
  • The Lawless Seven
  • The Perfect Gift
  • The Barefoot Kid


  • Shadows in the Dust
  • The Runaway
  • The Confederate Express
  • The High Country
  • A Grave for Cully Brown


  • The Runt
  • The Dynamiters
  • The Day of the Savage
  • Justice in a Hurry
  • The Replacement


  • The Turn of the Wheel
  • Trial by Fire
  • Fall into Darkness


  • Exclusive Interview with Robert Fuller
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