SINGIN' IDOL, THE (1957, Elvis TV)
SINGIN' IDOL, THE  (1957, Elvis TV)
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This 1957 Kraft Television Theatre episode entitled, "The Singin' Idol" is based on the life-career of Elvis Presley. Tommy Sands plays a young pompadour and sideburn-sporting, country boy who makes it to the top of the rock and roll heap. Fred Clark portrays "Colonel" Tom Parker as a twisted, sleazy psychopath who will stop at nothing to keep the rock 'n' roll gravy train rolling down the tracks while he pushes the boy beyond his limits. Tommy Sands had briefly been managed by Tom Parker and even performed on the same bill as Elvis. When Elvis was offered the lead roll in The Singin' Idol, but could not accept because of prior commitments, Colonel Parker recommended Tommy Sands for the roll. In the TV play, Tommy is seen in the Capital Records recording studio cutting the song, "Teen-Age Crush." On the strength of the TV performance the song reached number 3 on the US charts. Tommy Sands, Fred Clark, Jane MacArthur, Jamie Smith, Vaughn Taylor, Doreen Young.

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