RED RIDER, THE: The Remastered Edition
RED RIDER, THE: The Remastered Edition
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The classic 1934 cliffhanger serial is coming to DVD from Universal Pictures, for the first time produced from the original studio 35mm film elements! Red Davison (Buck Jones), the sheriff of Sun Dog, sacrifices his job and his good name to save his best friend, Silent Slade from the hangman's noose, following a framed-up court decision which sentences Slade to hang for the murder of Scotty McKee (J.P. McGowan). Davidson allows Slade to escape from jail and follows him to aid him in proving his innocence. Written by Les Adams This serial is based on the story The Redhead from Sun Dog by W. C. Tuttle. It is a remake of the 1931 John Wayne movie The Range Feud. Release Date is June 11. Your order today will be a pre-order for the DVD release!

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