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Handsome, witty and extremely talented, Rock Hudson was the embodiment of the Hollywood leading man during his illustrious film career. Join this iconic actor as he lights up the screen with 6 of his funniest films in the Rock Hudson Comedy Collection. Featuring co-stars such as Sandra Dee, Leslie Caron, Bobby Darin, Gina Lollobrigida and Paul Prentiss, this collection showcases the humorous side of an actor whose status as a screen legend continues to live on in cinema history. This three disc set contains the following six movies.
HAS ANYBODY SEEN MY GAL (1952)- Rock Hudson and Piper Laurie. Set in the late 1920's, soda jerk Rock and Millicent (Piper) are in love and want to get married. Millicent’s mother has dreams of her daughter marrying for money, and when the family comes into money- things change quickly for everyone. 

COME SEPTEMBER (1963)- Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida along with Sandra Dee and Bobby Darin. A New York businessman (Rock) goes to his Italian Villa every September for rest and relaxation with his beautiful Roman girlfriend (Gina). When he goes early for some R & R, he finds his Villa is being used as a hotel where guests include a group of girls of which one is Sandra Dee who meets another tourist (Bobby Darin) while staying at the beautiful villa.

MAN’S FAVORITE SPORT (1963)- Rock Hudson and Paula Prentiss. A very funny comedy about fishing expert Rock who has never fished in his life. To avoid being exposed as a fraud in a news article, Rock gets a crash course in fishing from Paula. 

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS (1965)- Rock Hudson and Gina Lollobrigida. Rock and Gina pair up again only this time they are married. When fiery tempered Gina gets the best of Rock, they separate, only to find out that Rock’s high powered executive job likes family men for their company. So, having to pretend they are happily married, instead of getting a divorce, both quickly find out how they easily fall in love all over again. 

A VERY SPECIAL FAVOR (1965)- Rock Hudson and Leslie Caron along with Charles Boyer and Dick Shawn. A charismatic attorney who women can’t keep their hands off of- Rock- gets mixed up with an opposing counsel’s (Boyer) daughter (Caron). Boyer wants his daughter to not be an old maid at almost 30, spending all her time as a psycho analyst along with her mother loving feeble fiancé (Dick Shawn). Boyer wants Rock to show his daughter there is more to life than work and a boring fiancé. 

BLINDFOLD (1965)- Rock Hudson and Claudia Cardinale. This is a gem of an action film paired with a bit of romantic comedy. Rock and Claudia light up the screen together. Rock plays a New York psychologist who is recruited by the government to help a former patient who happens to be a top secret scientist with top secret information. Every time the government agents take Rock to the secret place they are holding him, Rock is blindfolded. Claudia is the top secret scientist’s sister, who gets a phone call from her brother that he is in danger and needs help. Together, Rock and Claudia try to save her brother from some really bad guys. Beautifully filmed in New York.
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