LOST CITY OF THE JUNGLE (Restored Version, 1946)
LOST CITY OF THE JUNGLE (Restored Version, 1946)
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All 13 Chapters of vintage serial episodes loaded with action packed sequences...story line involves Secret agents Russell Hayden and local guide Keye Luke wage a desperate battle in native infested Asian jungles for the secret to a rare element which can neutralize the atomic bomb...can Hayden (investigator for United Peace Foundation) stop the Lionel Atwill who is the power hungry Sir Eric Hazarias (aka London) from his scheme to rule the entire planet with a antidote known as Metorium 245 that lies in the mountains of Himalaya...who is the real power pulling the strings, is it Sir Eric or Malborn (John Mylong) who has been sitting back waiting for things to heat up...looks like Hayden and Luke have their work cut out for them right down to the final Chapter."Atomic Vengeance" ...double thrills, chills, mystery and suspense...don't miss a single spine-thrilling episode..return next week to this local theater for another episode of action and adventure that will keep you thrilled until the next chapter. This is the remastered version that is now available in drop-dead gorgeous picture and sound.

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