DAKOTAS, THE: The Complete Series
DAKOTAS, THE: The Complete Series
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The complete series including the pilot with actors Chad Everett, Jack Elam, Mike Green and Larry Ward in the starring roles. A great western! The Lawman. The Gunslinger. The Killer’s Son. The Gentle Giant. Unlikely companions on the trail of justice, but thanks to a shared injustice, the four come together as an unstoppable, unwavering quartet of crimefighters out to ensure that evil never again be allowed to flourish in the badlands of the Dakota territory. The Dakotas quickly established itself as a breed apart from William T. Orr’s other classic Warner Bros. TV Westerns. Its heroes were a bit darker, its tales a bit more daring, its corner of the West a bit more grim and gritty. Future TV superstars having a sojourn in this stark series include Russell Johnson (Gilligan’s Island), Richard Jaeckel (Spenser: For Hire), Werner Klemperer (Hogan’s Heroes), Telly Savalas (Kojak) and DeForest Kelly (Star Trek).

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