JUDY (2019)
JUDY  (2019)
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Starring Renee Zellweger in the biography of Judy Garland. The movie is a competent look at the last year or so of Garland's life, with flashbacks to a teenage Garland. The movie is based on the play, "End of the Rainbow", by Peter Quilter. By taking a relatively short period of her life - the end, spent in London on a comeback attempt - director Rupert Goold is able to hone on the sadness of Garland's life. By this time, she is having trouble earning enough money to provide for her two young children, Lorna and Joseph, and they go to live in Los Angeles with their father, Sid Luft. Judy goes off to London, to a proposed five week singing stand at the "Talk of the Town", a musical venue. The flashbacks serve to show how the teenage Judy was treated, with up and down drugs to work at MGM.

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