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THE CRACKERJACK (1925) finds silent screen star Johnny Hines as a breezy go-getter who falls in love with a young woman (Sigrid Holmquist) and helps her father thwart a revolution in Esquasado using stuffed pickles. This comedy classic is presented here with a brand new score by Ben Model. Reminiscent of Harold Lloyd’s WHY WORRY? (1923), as well as later films like Woody Allen’s BANANAS (1971) and Paul Mazursky’s MOON OVER PARADOR (1988), in THE CRACKERJACK Hines takes on a variety of gag sequences including impersonating one of the fictional south-of-the-border country’s dignitaries. The film ends in a large-scale battle and comedy chase and will delight fans of silent movies. Johnny Hines made fifteen starring features between 1923 and 1928, most of which were released either independently or through First National. While Johnny Hines is not as well known today as Chaplin, Keaton or Lloyd, his films — most of which were directed by his brother Charles — kept movie fans laughing while they were waiting for the next release from silent comedy’s luminaries. Here's what critics had to say about "The Crackerjack" when it was released in May 1925: "A fast and furious comedy…plenty of imagination and dash." -- New York Times "'The Crackerjack' is built entirely for laughing purposes…virtually a scream from beginning to end." -- Variety This edition of THE CRACKERJACK features a brand-new piano score by renowned silent film accompanist Ben Model. This video edition was mastered from a vintage 16mm print which shows some wear and which may be missing a scene or two; new intertitles have been created to replace missing ones. Musical score © 2013 by Ben Model – all rights reserved. Produced for video by Ben Model, Undercrank Productions. THE CRACKERJACK - starring Johnny Hines, with Sigrid Holmquist, Henry West, Bradley Barker, J. Barney Sherry; dir Charles Hines, prod C.C. Burr. 7 reels. Released May 8, 1925. Location scenes were filmed in Florida.

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