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Food is getting scarce for the tribe, and the chief must choose between the advice of Baluk to go north to the caribou herds, or the conniving medicine man Dagwan to stay put. On the way north they endure great hardship, and the conflict between Baluk and Dagwan deepens. It doesn't help that both want to marry the chief's daughter.

The makers of this dramatized documentary following in the footsteps of 'Nanook of the North' about the Ojibway Indians returned after spending a year in Northern Ontario bringing with them 25,000 feet of silent footage shot by the veteran Hollywood cameraman Marcel Le Picard, which it had then taken another year to cut and assemble; by which time the silent film had long since become a thing of the past. So before Paramount could release it, 'The Silent Enemy' therefore had to be transformed into a part-talkie through the addition of a short opening speech to camera by Chief Yellow Robe - who had played Chetoga in the film - along with a synchronised organ score. Thus this DVD offeres a unique form of movie cinema during a time theaters were switching from silent to sound.

Starring Chief Yellow Robe.


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