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This is a multi-disc set. From cigarettes to beer, automobiles to food, animated and live action Hollywood celebrities, this is a massive collection of vintage TV commercials. Tons of fun for the whole family is in store with this comprehensive collection of the most unforgettable, exceptional, and memorable commercials to hit the small-screen! This is an entire history of American pop culture in its most eloquently simple and straight-forward form. Enjoy reminiscing about years gone by while watching all of your favorite commercials from the past!

Includes legendary favorites from some of the most well-know household brands like Speedy from Alka-Seltzer, The Jolly Green Giant, Barbie, Marlboro, Chevy and more!

Thrown into the mix (in addition to the 1,001 comemrcials) are PSA announcements, vintage film shorts, and even political ads such as the Eisenhower-Nixon re-election campaign in 1956. 

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