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A decrepit lighthouse is manned solely by former sailors Hank Armitage and Sam Wells. Hank, crippled during the war, resents his young partner's visits to the shore, where he beds numerous girls working the docks. One down-on-her-luck blonde, Connie, thinks Sam could be her salvation from a life of poverty. Unknown to her, he already has a wife on the mainland. Discovering this, the enraged Connie marries hapless old Hank in a scheme to make the younger man jealous. The girl's plan works too well, and Sam attempts to murder his former friend. Seeing the old man close to death, Connie realizes it's Hank she really loves after all. But her understanding may come too late, as Sam vows that if he can't have the beautiful woman for his own, no one can. Stars June Lang, John Litel and Don Castle.

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