SHERLOCK HOLMES (Complete 1954-55 TV Series)
SHERLOCK HOLMES (Complete 1954-55 TV Series)
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This 39-episode series was the FIRST American television show of Sherlock Holmes adventures – and the only one for almost 60 years until 2012’s Elementary. The program aired in syndication from 1954-55 and was based on mostly original stories written directly for television. It stars Ronald Howard – the son of screen legend Leslie Howard (of Scarlet Pimpernel and Gone with the Wind fame) – as Holmes and Howard Marion Crawford as Watson. Howard portrays a younger, more laid-back version of Sherlock Holmes based on the character in A Study in Scarlet and in line with Producer Sheldon Reynold’s vision. His rapport with Howard Marion-Crawford’s Dr. Watson is also more cooperative and less needling than most portrayals. It is a Holmes for a kinder, gentler age and a pleasure to watch.

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