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Starring Zasu Pitts and Slim Summerville. Mrs. Minerva Snodgrass heads up the town's Purity League and is so good at imposing restrictions of keeping the girls and boys apart that the town hasn't had a marriage in over two years. Her next-door neighbor Miss Pandora Polly--aptly-named based on what she lets out of the box later in the film--does her best to promote the romance between Minerva's daughter Barbara and town nerd Eddie. Miss Polly also constantly reflects on what-might-have-been regarding her own lack of romance. She and her handyman Slim Wilkins and "housekeeper and companion" Patsy sample some of the spirits in the cellar; Miss Polly is looking for the one that, according to family legend, stimulates romantic feelings and nerve. She finds it, it works even better than advertised, and the horny Zasu Pitts hits on grocery-boy Mickey Daniels and actually skips down to the the town-hall meeting, where she reveals all the indiscretions of all the Purity League members from their own wild youthful days. Apparently, Miss Polly was the only girl in town who ever said 'no' or never said 'yes.' This information shakes a few marriages, and leads to the kids actually being allowed to attend movies unchaperoned. Minerva also gets an accidental swig of the 'Joy Juice" and Kathleen Howard makes a move on Slim Summerville.

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