BIG PARADE, THE (1925) BluRay
BIG PARADE, THE (1925) BluRay
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King Vidor's 1925 WWI epic, THE BIG PARADE was one of the most important Hollywood productions from the entire silent era. It put MGM on the map as a prestigious studio, catapulted John Gilbert to major stardom, and set the quality standard for war films in years to come. Made a scant 7 years after the armistice, THE BIG PARADE contains an inherent, honest authenticity that demands respect and admiration from anyone watching it today, 88 years after its release. Who would dare question or criticize the film's depiction of The Great War - either in an historic or dramatic context? Indeed, it's practically like we're watching a documentary from that time, whether it be the spot-on, chillingly realistic battle vignettes or the sincere, sensitive romantic scenes between John Gilbert and his French sweetheart played by the charming Renee Adoree.

Warner Home Video's Blu-ray Book Edition of THE BIG PARADE has been fully restored from the original camera negative, and the result will take your breath away. There's nary a speck to be seen in the immaculate 4k scanned, 1080p resolution transfer, which includes all the original tints. The outstanding full orchestra score is by Carl Davis, and integrates popular WWI tunes like "Over There" and "You're in the Army Now" with ominous crescendos underscoring the action sequences.

The special features are a collector's delight: a handsomely illustrated 64 page book with notes by historian Kevin Brownlow, an audio commentary by historian Jeffrey Vance with excerpts from King Vidor, a half hour short from 1925 called "Studio Tour", and the original theatrical trailer.

This cinematic landmark definitely ranks as one of the major vintage home video releases in recent years, and belongs on the shelf of any self-respecting classic film buff, right next to the Blu-rays of WINGS (1927) and ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT (1930).

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