DAWSON CITY, FROZEN TIME (documentary, BluRay)
DAWSON CITY, FROZEN TIME (documentary, BluRay)
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Part fever dream, part historical record, Dawson City: Frozen Time tells the bizarre true story of some 533 silent lm reels, buried for almost 50 years in a sub-arctic swimming pool, deep in the Yukon permafrost. Filmmaker Bill Morrison (Decasia) deftly combines excerpts from this lm nd, including rarely seen Hollywood features, with historical footage, photographs, and interviews, to explore the complicated history of Dawson City, founded across the river from a First Nations hunting camp, the Canadian Gold Rush town at the end of a lm distribution line. Propelled by Alex Somers transcendent score, Dawson City: Frozen Time is a dazzling cinematic experience, a deep dive into the connections and contradictions of the 20th century archive.
Special Features: Booklet essays by Lawrence Weschler and Alberto Zambenedetti *Interview with filmmaker Bill Morrison *Postscript *Trailer
Selections from the Dawson City Film Fund: 
*British Canadian Pathé News 81A, 1919
*International News Vol. 1, Issue 52, 1919
*The Montreal Herald Screen Magazine, 1919
*Pathé's Weekly #17, 1914
*The Butler and the Maid, Thomas A. Edison Inc., 1912
*Brutality, D.W. Griffith, Biograph Company, 1912
*The Exquisite Thief, Tod Browning, Universal Film Manufacturing Company Inc., 1919
*The Girl of the Northern Woods, Thanhouser, 1910

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