BEANY AND CECIL (Special Edition) Volume 2
BEANY AND CECIL (Special Edition) Volume 2
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Beany and Cecil fans rejoice! Bob Clampett's fabulously popular duo is back in this second volume of classic cartoons from the 60s TV series. Join Beany and his pal Cecil the seasick sea serpent aboard the Leakin' Lena along with Captain Huffenpuff and that most dastardly of villains Dishonest John. Nyah..ah..ah! Whether you are new to the series or just revisiting old friends, there's something for everyone in The Beany and Cecil Show. The disc includes 11 great cartoons (never before on DVD) all mastered from the original 35mm camera negatives.* CARTOONS INCLUDE: Invasion of Earth by Robots; Davey Cricket; Strange Objects; The Capture of Tear-a-long the Dotted Lion; Cecil Meets Cecilia; Beany and Cecil Meet Ping Pong; Sleeping Beauty and the Beast; Beany's Beany-Cap Copter; Malice in Blunderland; Here Comes the Shmoe Boat; Ben Hare. Bonus Cartoon: "Park at the Top of the Stars" an alternate version of "Beanyland " Plus Extras Including: * TIME FOR BEANY: 2 episodes of the puppet predecessor to The Beany and Cecil Show (c1950); Interviews with Beany fans Stan Chambers of KTLA-TV, Cheryl Crane (daughter of Lana Turner) and Bill Marx (son of Harpo Marx); Stills Gallery with publicity materials, merchandise ads and more. * THE LOST WORK: Bob Clampett's lost 1946 Republic studios Trucolor cartoon It's a Grand Old Nag including the storyboard AND the original pencil test; Lost Scripts, storyboards and more. * BOB CLAMPETT AND FRIENDS: A 70 minute audio history recorded by Bob Clampett accompanied by rare photos; Video Interview with animator Bill Melendez; Bob Clampett reads "De Night in De Front From Chreesmas" by cartoonist Milt Gross.* PLUS Matty's Funnies Openings and Bumpers, Commercials, Stills Galleries, Original Pencil Sketches and more surprises! Color and B&W, Approx. 200 minutes, Animation, Audio options: English or Spanish (All cartoons except "Park at the Top of the Stars") Extras are in English only, Original Full Frame Format (1.33:1)

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