ALL ABOUT EVE (1959) BluRay
ALL ABOUT EVE (1959) BluRay
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The new Blu-Ray edition of All About Eve has a new fabulous, super clear flawless print, and incredible stereophonic sound. (There is no information on the disk or booklet on how this was done or where the improved soundtracks came from or were processed.) The movie itself is a classic, one of the ten best movies ever made, with Bette Davis giving a once-in-a lifetime performance. The new print is much clearer than any earlier versions and the sound has been improved over the years from extremely muffled (VHS) to this incredibly clear and excellent sounding transfer. There is also a separate audio-only track where Alfred Newman's music can be heard to even greater effect. I think most of the extras have been included in earlier DVD versions. It's worth replacing your earlier DVD with this very much improved Blu-Ray version.

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