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Eight DVD set contains more than 64 vintage cartoons, the type they screened in school classrooms during the 1950s and 1960s. Some of the cartoons included are: An Ice Cream Dream, Vitamins and Your Health, ABC's of Internal Combustion Engines, Curious Alice, The Story of Light (1954), Alternatives (1960), Reaching for the Stars (1960), Meat Buying Customers of the Nation (1940s), Story of Alexander Ten Spot, The Owl and Fred Jones (1958), A is for Atom (1952), Teeth Are Good Things to Have, The Huffless, Piffles Dragon, The Brotherhood of Man, Picture in Your Mind, Developing More and Better Ideas, Tomorrow and Mr. Jones, Know Your Customer, Human Communication, What Makes Us Tick, It's Everybody's Business, Free Enterprise -- What's That? ABC of a Diesel Engine, ABC of Jet Propulsion, A Coach for Cinderella, Six-Legged Saboteurs, To Your Health, Horizons of Hope, Day of the Great Depression, Stockland, Destination Earth (1956), We Learn About the Telephone (1956), The Thinking Machines, The Soldier's Hours, Easy Does It, Look Who's Driving, Avoidable Carrier Accidents, Adventures of Junior Raindrop, My Government, USA, What Happened to All That Bread? The Voice of Your Business, The Traitor Within, Your Friend the Water, Signs Take a Holiday, and many more!

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