WALLY GATOR: Complete Series
WALLY GATOR: Complete Series
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WALLY GATOR: The jaunty theme song touted him as a "swingin' alligator in the swamp", but Wally Gator led a comparatively tame existence at the city zoo. Voice legend Daws Butler gave the rambunctious reptile a cheery, slightly dippy Ed Wynn personality, while his frequent co-star Don Messick played exasperated zookeeper Mr. Twiddles with wimpy authority. In a pork pie hat reminiscent of Yogi Bear's, Wally was obsessed with escaping his hum drum surroundings, a stock Hanna-Barbera theme also explored in Yogi, Magilla Gorilla and Squidley Diddley. Wally Gator never achieved the hilarious heights of Quick Draw McGraw or Huckleberry Hound, but his silly giggle was always good for a chuckle.

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