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The New York based Van Beuren Studio, located across the street from the more famous Fleischer studios, produced some of the strangest, wildest and fun cartoons of the 1930's. These films often featured storylines that reflected New York duringt eh great depression, including adult themes/storylines, outlandish gags involving sex and violence as well as various ethnic stereotypes. The enforcement of the production code in 1934 rapidly cleaned up the output of the film industry, including the films from Fleischer and Van Beuren. Thunderbean is proud to present this collection of 14 films, transferred from 16mm and 35mm Nitrate prints, with titles restored (or recreated on a few). Titles include: A Close Call 29 Laundry Blues 30 Circus Capers 30 The Office Boy 30 Red riding Hood 31 Jungle Jam 31 Nursery Scandal 32 Panicky Pup 33 Doughnuts 33 Rough On Rats 33 Galloping Fanny 33 Sultan Pepper 34 The Rasslin' Match 33/34 The Lion Tamer 34.

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