ULTRA Q: Complete Series (SteelBook Edition) BluRay
ULTRA Q: Complete Series (SteelBook Edition) BluRay
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The first television series produced by Eiji Tsyburaya, the special effects man behind Godzilla. In the vein of The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone except with giant rubber suited monsters. The show revolves around three recurring characters and the situations they get into with said monsters. The show is the precursor to the Ultraman series. After co-creating the iconic movie monsters Godzilla, Rodan and Mothra for Toho Studios, special effects director Eiji Tsuburaya launched his own company, Tsuburaya Productions. The first production under his new label was ULTRA Q, a 28-episode series that brought the theatrical spectacle Tsuburaya had become known for to television. The black & white sci-fi drama focused on Mainichi Shimpo photojournalist Yuriko Edogawa (Hiroko SakuraiUltraman), Hoshikawa Airlines pilot/SF writer Jun Manjome (Kenji Sahara) and his co-pilot Ippei Togawa (Yasuhiko Saijo), who partnered to investigate mysterious events occurring in and around Japan. These phenomena often involved aliens and giant monsters, many of whom would return in future Ultraman shows and movies. One of the most expensive TV programs produced in Japan up to that time, ULTRA Q was a ratings smash that paved the way for Tsuburaya Productions' first color series... ULTRAMANComplete, original Japanese broadcast edits - fully remastered and restored in HD. Includes a 28-page collectible booklet.

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