ULTRAMAN ACE: Complete Series (SteelBook edition) BluRay
ULTRAMAN ACE: Complete Series (SteelBook edition) BluRay
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After Ultraman Jack returned to his home world, earth is under attack again this time by an enemy from another dimension called Yapoor. Fifth in line of Ultra Brothers - Ultraman Ace is sent to earth to battle the super monsters created by Yapoor. Earth is under attack again, this time by a chojyu (Literally - Super Beast) Velcron that was created by inter dimensional beings called Yapoor. Seiji Hokuto (Keiji Takamine), and Yuko Minami (Mitsuko Hoshi) lost their lives trying to protect earth. Ultraman Ace who was sent to replace Ultraman Jack witnessed this, and gave his life force to revive the two. Now when Yuko, and Seiji performs the Ultra Touch, they transform into Ultraman Ace. This series had more modern appearance, and everything seemed brighter than the previous Ultraman series. Ultraman Ace was more athletic than his older siblings, as he freely jumped and tumbled through air that gave the impression of his power. The no nonsense way Ultraman Ace does his business makes him one of my favorite Ultra heroes.

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